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Copyright Information:

This site is owned by Yumi and all graphics were customised or made for Tare Pie. No part of this site may be reproduced without written permission from Yumi. I do not claim any credit for the Tare Panda pictures. I got them from Tare Panda Graphics Factory, and Tare Panda belongs to San-X and no one else!

About this site:

I first got to like Tare Panda after I finished watching Over Time(a jap. series) as the female lead always carried a Tare Panda. So I thought why not make a site on it. Making webpages are very new to me, this is my first page ever, my motto is simply neat and simple.I've noticed that there are not as many sites on Tare panda as on Sailormoon(which is my second fav. after TP) and looking for some really cute sites take a lot of time surfing around. So I decided to concentrate more on the links page so that people who visit my site could go to them directly without surfing high and low.


I want to thank all the web-masters and mistresses for the help with Tare Pie.

Cute Colors-Thank you for the pie graphics

Erin Area-Thank you for the cute animals I adopted

TPGF-Thank you for the Tare Panda graphics

Sucre de bebe-Thank you for the cute baby graphics on the adoption page

Tripod-Thank you for the free web space

One more thing...

Latest update: Ah!!! Tare Pie now has frames!! Yeh, tell me what you think.

Yumi, 7th September 2000

Seeya soon