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This is where I show all my past layouts. I'm kinda proud of all of them so I decided to post them all here!

^ This was Tare Pie's first layout. It was all bright purplish with poka dots and little animals. The main pic was a little silly looking if you ask me, but you see, I was trying to convey the message of Tare Panda and pies. Hee~ The layout didn't consist of frames and the links were still boring text links that were easily miss-linked.

^ This was the second layout where I decided on a theme that was lighter and cooler by using shades of blue with little twinkly stars. There were also little blue birds flying around the screen. This was my first frames version with drop down menus. And I got my first 3 sister sites! The main pic was a giant Tare Panda lying at the bottom of a fall with pies floating down the river.

Important: Even though I am not using these layouts anymore, they are still copyrighted to Tare Pie which belongs to Yumi. You may not copy the designs in anyway, shape or form. Be original, thanks!