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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Will you make a layout for me?

Sorry, I'm too busy nowadays.

Q2) Can I use one of your past layouts?

Unfortunately, I deleted all the files and please don't copy the designs.

Q3) Can you make me a quilt patch?

You can go to Swatch Swap or Quilting Bee to get one done for free.

Q4) Can we be pen pals/email pals?

I'm really busy so replies might be hard to manage.

Q5) If I don't get any response from you in 3 days after emailing you. What happens after that?

If you applied for an award/want to swap patches/become sisters/add a link etc. and it has been 3 days, then I'm sorry. The answer should be no. It might also be that I did not check my email, but that is quite unlikely.

Q6) Can I send you forwards and attachments?

Please don't do that because firstly I do not open any emails with attachments on them who are from people I do not know, secondly, my mail box has limited space. If you want to swap patches, just give me the code or the URL where I can get it myself.

Q7) Who is Minnai?

She is my helper and helps me answer emails sometimes.

Q8) Will you review my site?

I will look at it and give some pointers if it's very necessary.

That's all for now! I know I keep saying that I have no time, but it's the truth. What can you do?