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Swap links/Become sisters?

Wanna be linked? Any links are accepted. Just follow the following guidlines to get linked to Tare Pie:

1. Your site can be under anything(personal, graphics, Tare Panda etc.)as long as it contains no offensive material.

3. No under construction sites.

4. I must like it.

Very easy right? So all you have to do is email me with my email form or leave a private message in the guestbook. Please include your name/nickname, site's title and URL. If your site is approved, it'll go up on the links list in less than a week.( I promise)

I would also be very honored if you could link Tare Pie to your site. That way we would actually be attracting visitors both ways, so its mutual. Just put this button on your site or link Tare Pie by this URL:

<a href=""><img src="URL of where you saved it" width=102 height=42 alt="Tare Pie" border=0>

Right click and "save as" Or copy and past this html fragment. It is recommended that you save it on your own hardrive and then upload it. Directly linking to this image will slow down both our loading time.

Wanna be sisters? To become Tare Pie's sister site, just follow the same rules that applies to getting linked except that your page has to be either under Tare Panda site, a graphic site, a japanese anime/cartoon site or a personal site. Email me with my email form and I'll get back to you within 3 days(I promise) if you are approved. I mat or may not email you to inform you that you will not be listed.