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Important note!!

Someone has emailed me saying that I did not make any of the pictures in the Tare Panda gallery. I just wanted to say that I never created any of them anyway and have never claimed that I have or could for one thing. I have clearly stated that most of the graphics come from Tare Panda Graphics Factory. As for the rest, I cannot really remember but I will gladly give you recognition if you find any pictures belonging to you.

The only reason that I ask you to link back to me to give me some credit too( because I require people who take gaphics from Tare Pie's gallery to link to both TPGF and me) is because I edited the pictures, such as making them smaller, optimising them so they can load faster and also enhancing the qualities of them. I put my time and effort into making the pictures more viewer firendly for all Tare Panda fans. So I hope that person who wrote me the email and didn't give me his/her email address to understand and not call me a liar anymore.

Fuyumi Hirosue