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How to make Swama

This is the recipe for making Swama(Tare's favorite food). It was contributed by a Tare lover, Sandra.Thanks!

The 4 main ingrediants for Swama are:

||Rice flour(or self raising flour or add some yeast to it)---150 grams||

||Sugar(fine powdered texture)---150 grams||

||Regular water---120cc||

||Red food coloring---up to you||

Step 1-Sift the four if neccessary and put into a bowl

Step2-Add the water slowly and kneed the flour until it is dough like.

Step3-Put the dough into another bowl and sprinkle the sugar onto the dough. At the same time use your hands(or some other instrument) to kneed the sugar into the dough.

Step4-Break the dough into small pieces(the size is as you desire, but the smaller it is, the faster it cooks. About slightly smaller than your palm is recommended.)

Step5-Dilute the food coloring with some water and dip the dough into it or brush the coloring over the dough.(Whether you want to add the coloring is up to you.)

Step6-Put the round dough pieces into a steamer and cook until the dough has lost it's stickiness and when you poke a finger at it, the dough rises up from the indent.(Of course don't poke so hard that you make a hole!)

If any of you think that certain steps were supposed to be done another way, please email me.