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||About Tare Panda||

Tare Panda, also known as " Xiong Mao Pa Pa" or "Pa Di Xiong"(pa-dee-shiong) in chinese. Pa Pa, meaning lying around and also very flat .Xiong Mao, meaning panda. As for Tare Panda, it literally means Panda looking listless in Japanese. This is how its name is written in Chinese-->and in Japanese-->(ta-li-pan-daa).

History: Born in Japan 1995, Tare Panda become very popular in Japan and could be seen on many daily products such as stationarys etc. He was also warmly welcomed especially by the Japanese working people as many claimed that just by looking at Tare made them feel better. Finally, Tare gained so much fame that it had its own cartoon show. 

Character: Very quiet of nature(actually because talking makes it very tired), that's why is likes to just lay down and stare listlessly.

Weird facts: If Tares like you a lot, they will pile up into a "Tare Mountain", one on top of the other. If it just an ordinary liking, they will lean on each other(weird). If it doesn't like you at all, it will show you it's rear end!

Stats:It is usually 3-5 cm in length although sometimes even bigger. As its name goes, Tare Panda is as lazy as can be. So lazy that he doesn't even walk, he rolls!And at a speed of 2.75m/h,at that rate, I doubt he can get anywhere in a day. Or he will wiggle here or there, any way but use it's legs to walk.

Tare's Faves: By the way, Tare likes to eat a fruit called Swama. At night it will sneak in and steal the fruit(swama is the only reason it is willing to move, lazy!) Click here to see the recipe.

*Please note that I had to translate this description(with the help of my grandmother)to English. If you copy it, please give me credit.